Playing Membership

All playing members should complete a membership application form and make a payment via Bank Transfer (clearly ensuring you identify from whom this payment is being made) cheque or cash. Email or and we will advise you on how this can be done. Code of Conduct - By joining Brooke & District Cricket Club you are agreeing to abide by our Code of Conduct. Membership Forms and a copy of the Code can be found on the right hand tab of the 'About Us' page.

£75 p/year Playing Mens Membership

includes all Thursday sessions. Match fees £10 until membership paid and then £5 afterwards

£55 p/year Playing Ladies Membership

includes all Tuesday Sessions. Match fees £10 until membership paid and then £5 afterwards

£55 p/year Junior Membership

includes all Friday sessions. Ad hoc training sessions £2 per child. Match fees £3 per child.

£35 p/year Junior Membership for additional children in a family

(maximum Membership of £100 per family) Includes all Friday sessions Ad hoc training sessions £2 per child Match fees £3 per child

Social Membership

£35 p/year Non Playing Participating Membership

Committee Members and Regular Volunteers

£20 p/year Social Membership

required if you are to buy drinks from the bar unless you are a Playing, Participating, Family Social or Life Member

£5 p/year Family Social Membership

for non players who have one or more children as a paid up member